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Just like many girls I crave the allure of long painted nails. There's something girly about polished nails and, lets face it, they finish off an outfit by giving it much needed detail it truly deserves. Unfortunately when you're 5ft 2 and have a nasty habit of chowing down on your finger nails, gross I know, sometimes this look is hard to achieve.

Not only are my nails ridiculously small due my bony hands, thanks genetics, but they're also a stupidly short - my own fault I know. Although I've tried numerous products to kick the habit, including that dreadful poison-like liquid you put on and have a bitter taste left in your mouth for hours after, nothing works. So I cheat.

This is where Nailene comes in. My favourite nail brand, the company specialises in natural looking false nails that are ideal for everyday wear. I buy Nailene 200 Full Cover Nails Petite Square for the affordable price of £8.49 from Boots. As the name suggests there are 200 nails in the kit - approximately 20 sets. You also receive a nifty little nail file, perfect for rounding out those harsh square edges, and tube of Nailene Ultra Quick Dry Glue.

Out of all the false nails I've tried throughout the years Nailene's come the best. Why you ask? They're flexible. A trait which may seem unusual for a set of false nails, but a trait you certainly need. The flexibility of the design allows for easy application. All you need is a dap of glue and within seconds the false nail is firmly set.

Furthermore, the flexibly allows the practically of the nail to flourish. Practicality is a huge factor I look for when buying nails, primarily because it's essential for my day to day life. Due to work and study purposes I type a lot, send emails a lot and text a lot, so if false nails can't accompidate that they're a no go!

As for longevity, I've had a few instances where a nail or two have pinged off - mostly when I'm in my fast and furious writers mode, battering my poor Macbook keyboard to death. However in the long run, they're not too bad. Usually a set will last me around 3 to 4 days, with the glue being fairly strong.

It's not recommended you wear false nails on a daily basis as they can leave your real nails in an absolute state afterwards. Personally, I go against this advice. I despise my real nails, so have little to lose when it comes to wearing fake ones. But whatever you decide, whether you want to wear false nails daily or for special occasion, Nailene is the brand to go for. Available in a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes at £8.49, approximately 42p a set, you can't go wrong!

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  1. i never really wear false nails unless it's for a special occassion... these ones sound great though, i like how short they are!! :)

  2. Ahhh these would be cool, usually false nails are far too long for me!
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    2. Aw they're pretty short actually. Thanks for your comment x


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